Twelve Cautionary Tales for Christmas, (12 Ideal Cities), by Superstudio, 1971

Piero Frassinelli, member of Superstudio, evoked here for the first time his idea of 12 dystopic funny fantasies of urban planning. After its first draft publication on AD #12 in 1971, the text was reconfigured as a multimedia slide show in 1972.

SUPERSTUDIO evoke twelve visions of ideal cities. the supreme achievement of twenty thousand years of civilization, blood, sweat and tears; the final haven of Man in possession of Truth, free from contradiction, equivocation and indecision; totally and fur ever replete with his OWN PERFECTION .

Please note that text has been OCR’d and embedded, on the original pdf, so you can select, copy and paste it.

Full PDF download here.

Via: Ezio Blasetti


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