A Personal Subway from Russia, with Love

Longtime I had this fascination for people spontaneously creating new artificial territories, self proclaimed republics, diy infrastructures.

Diggers, or people who literally investigate the underground to create an illusory yet concrete alternative domain, are among these, usually the more solitary. Remember the man who completely excavated the floor under his house, risking a collapse, until he was discovered by his neighbors?

Altering the foundation of what we are used to, sometimes means to question reality. In the following case, it means a life’s goal. 27 years have passed since Leonid Murlyanchik, a Russian retiree now 69, started digging a personal subway system under his house in Lebedyan. The work, which is still incomplete, is destined to connect his home to his neighbors’ houses, and the neighborhood to the local train station. The primary 6 km tunnel was originally conceived to link Murlyanchik’s house to that of Ekaterina, a girl he liked from the neighborhood.

Secret Tunneling | Underground Leisure and Smuggle for Survival, on DPR Barcelona

Via: Stefano Mirti, Colors Mag. and English Russia

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