John D’Agata – Yucca Mountain (Zones Sensibles)

This is the beatiful cover for the upcoming french translation edition of a novel by John D’Agata (originally titled: About a Mountain): a skillful conversion of famous Munch’s The Scream into a topographical map. (Sorry, I don’t know who’s the author)

I still haven’t read it, but the themes (an exploration of Las Vegas, the suicide rate of the city, man corruption and the danger of a future nuclear waste disposal site near the city…) are inviting, to say the least.

Belgian edition on Zones Sensibles.
Here’s a review


The guys at Zones Sensibles wrote us that the author of the cover is their our “heteronymous” graphic studio “Le Théatre des Operations”, whose other works you can find here.

Zones Sensibles is also the french language editor of Tim Ingold’s “Lines, a brief history” (another great book / cover)

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