Lyrical Theatre in Cagliari, Maurizio Sacripanti, 1965

Among Italian avantgarde architects of the 60’s and 70’s, Maurizio Sacripanti was one of those who gained a lesser fortune. Known almost uniquely for his proposal for the Italian Pavillion in Osaka Expo 70’s, he nonetheless created a lot of imaginative and powerful projects, like the Peugeot Skyscaper in Buenos Aires, the Museum of the Eremitani in Padua, the Science Museum in Rome.

We’re going to feature here some of his most relevant works in the next weeks.

Here’s his entry for the competition for the new lyrical theatre in Cagliari.
[second prize (1965) Maurizio Sacripanti with A. Nonis, G. Pellegrineschi (automatism), G. Perucchini (structures), F. Purini, A. Perilli]

Contemporary of much more widely published Cedric Price’s Fun Palace, Sacripanti imagined for Cagliari’s theatre an all encompassing system of movable plynths and fake roofs elements, allowing for almost infinite possibilities of stage configurations, seating layout and acoustic performance of the scenic space. After the images of the original competition model, you can watch a video with a modern reconstruction of the project.

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