Nova Cidade de Kilamba (Kilamba New City), a chinese-built ghost town in Africa

Perfectly aligned, ordered, colourful. But empty: only 220 apartments are occupied out of the first release of 2800 in this new town in Angola, able to eventually accomodate more than 500000 inhabitants.
A large housing development, Kilamba includes 750 8-storey apartment blocks, over 100 commercial premises and a dozen schools. Angolan proletariat is not able to obtain mortgage loans and Angola does not have a large middle class able to buy such homes.

Financed by a chinese credit line (CITIC Group), for $3.5 billion and paid back by Angolan government with oil, this city is, in a great part, a ghost town.

Angola chinese built new ghost town (Video and article on BBC)
“The ghost towns of China, Ireland and Spain – full of large empty house estates – may be a phenomenon that is on its way to Africa.”

The new city of Kilamba (I am a legal alien)

Via: Batiactu



    Bom dia, estou a gostar ver uma cidade muita bonita aqui na Africa. este e a felicidade de meu povo africano. dizer que este cidade e bonita nao da , mais decha dizer que este e a beleza do mondo. Obligado amigos angolanos de monstrar o mondo que tambem africanos podemos modar este mondo. Obligado o Senhor President Angolano. Que Deus seja com vosco.Muito obligado.

    +257 79 988 955

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