Quiet Cities (2006-2008), by Nora Sturges

“This group of paintings of imaginary cities — inspired in part by my living in Baltimore — explores the theme of human inhabitation of the environment and the process of urban growth and decline.”

Nora Sturges, artist and illustrator, paints narrative landscapes which depict the precariousnees of human inhabitation, through an eerie style evoking De Chirico’s oblique perspectives.

The City Sheds Scales of its Past

Cliff Town

Town with Crows

Moth-eaten Village

Abandoned Town

City with Roof Decks

Temporary City

Tent City



  1. says

    I’ve enjoyed seeing your work very much.They have the intimacy and feel of pre-renaissance art. I’m reminded of the sienna artists,sassete ? comes to mind. Whatever influences , your painting has a unique character of it’s own. thank you.

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