Hoppla Kultur (50 pictures to the glory of our time) by A. Paul Weber

Ambiguous figure in German history and art, Andreas Paul Weber, prominent lithographer, draftsman and painter, was imprisoned during the Nazi regime as he worked with the resistance circle of Ernst Niekisch, but his ideological background comes from the populist-nationalist revolutionary movement of the twenties.
“Already between the wars he appeared openly anti-Semitic, and worked in his drawings with clear racial stereotypes”. (from Wikipedia in German language).

The following are samples from A. Paul Weber’s Hoppla Kultur (50 Bilder zur Herrlichkeit unserer Zeit), (1954), found in the fantastic Flickr set of Arthur van Kruining.

Bio and more images, on Weimar art blog
Weber Museum

The Last Private Person

You must howl with the wolves

The White Man’s Burden

The Great Paralysis

The Rumor

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