How the House looked like in 2001

Sorry for the misleading title, this is really Walter Cronkite in 1967 explaining how the house of the future would have looked like. (From the CBS Show “The 21st Century”)

In fact, as a youtube user commented, on the first video:

“Well, my 2001 home looked something like that. Then, I mostly stopped using paper for printing, all these “tablet” and “phablet” thingies started popping up, and in 2013 it no longer looks much like that anymore”.

For the most part, whatever we did with those enormous devices then, a today pocket size mobile phones does the job perfectly (and much more)

(Apart from the oven, of course: that was replaced by fast foods chains and home deliveries of prepared food)

The Home Office of 2001

The Living Room of 2001

The Kitchen of 2001

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