Sol LeWitt: “Four basic kinds of straight lines” (1969)

American conceptual artist Sol LeWitt (1928-2007) created art books since before art books were even recognized as serious artistic works. Along with Lucy Lippard and others he’s contributed to the foundation of NYC “Printed Matter” editions, an organization established to promote the publication of artists’ books as a legitimate artistic practice.

Many of the 50 books LeWitt published until 2002 focused on the investigation of the individual basic components of art, such as lines, angles and colors, and they had to be considered complementary to his general artistic practice.

The first of a series of Sol Lewitt’s books we intend to examine here at Socks is:

Four basic kinds of straight lines: 1. Vertical. 2. Horizontal. 3. Diagonal l. to r. 4. Diagonal r. to l. and their combinations“.

Filling each page with thin parallel lines as they were text, he drew them in every possible direction and combination, obtaining intricate textures of cross-hatched lines by mathematical permutations. Each type of line corresponds to a numeric value, and a table of content is showed in the inner cover, with corresponding thumbnails.

You can download a higher res pdf copy from the never sufficiently praised web repository

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