Brian Sanders: Artwork Commissioned for the Making of 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Illustrator Brian Sanders was hired by Stanley Kubrick to record the filming of “2001: A Space Odissey. Sanders had free access to most of the set and the backstage, unlike the photographers who were forbidden from accessing the site.
Sanders held no more than 24 of his drawings, and he believed that there might be more in the Kubrick Archive. Before Kubrick death, only two of Sanders’ drawings were published.

For a deeper analysis of the works, read the article on: Artist partners
Infos on each drawings provided by:
Images from Leifpeng flickr stream.

Thanks to: Luca Galofaro for pointing us to this artist.

Camera mounted to rotate with the centrifuge. Once turned on, many light bulbs exploded

With the helmets on, the actors breathed compressed air, to avoid the air from steaming up.

Astronauts smoking and playing poker during breaks.

Preparing to shoot the descent into the pit containing the obelisk.

Gary Lockwood rehearsing.

One of the two works published before the release of the film.

Kubrick – in blue – with the camera team. Geoff Unsworth (balding) the cameraman worked on several other Kubrick films. Keir Dullea is the astronaut in the revolving tunnel.

The cocoons where astronauts would be frozen in during the journey.

Studies for suits and uniforms.

This painting/collage was on a canvas four feet square.

Collage of the Astronauts’ costumes

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