“The true story of Mr Like”, By Nanni and Colella – Crowdfunding Campaign

As you may have / already / noticed, we particularly like the work of Italian author, illustrator and comic artist Giacomo Nanni, namely his studies on texturing and on the moiré effect in B/W or color as well as his storytelling, so dry and eerie.

It is for this reason that we are glad to support his latest crowdfunding campaign for a project, entitled “The true story of Mr Like“, Giacomo is working on with co-author Massimo Colella.






«The true story of Mr Like » is a contemporary fairy tale intended for an audience of all ages. The story is declined in a series of 13 animated episodes of about 2 minutes each, which will be broadcast gradually on the site thetruemrlike.com every 2/3 weeks.

This is an animated tale without words, which tells the rise and fall of Mr. Like, the mysterious character hidden behind the symbol   like_pouce_2_png_640x860_q85 

In our version of events, Mr. Like is a disabled person, came into the world with one hand with his thumb up in place of the left arm. Abandoned at birth by their parents because of its diversity, Mr. Like grows in a circus and face his destiny on the road in search of his place in the world. Passing from adventure to misfortune, our hero crosses, during  its path, a series of alleged “friends” willing to do anything to take advantage of his hidden talent. Only after reaching the bottom Mr. Like will discover the true hidden virtue behind his thumb up.








Four episoded have already been created and the first is in the video below. Please contribute at this crowdfunding page if you’d like to have to opportunity to watch nine more!




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