dOCUMENTA 13: News From Nowhere, by Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho, [a Retrospective from the Future]

News from Nowhere is probably the most ambitious art-project of Kassel's dOCUMENTA 13. Presented in three forms: a film, an installation, a … [Read more...]


There’s nothing you can do about it: Short history of the Architect and the Robot, by Gérard Courtieux (1969)

From one of the most impressive issues ever of L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui (Nouvel Environnement de l'Homme, 145/1969), a revealing article about the … [Read more...]


Mother, do you think they’ll drop the bomb? Post-apocalyptic depictions of 80’s Nuclear Paranoia

"Thinking that perhaps some terrible calamity was imminent—a nuclear catastrophe, or a sudden epidemic after a research-laboratory accident—and that … [Read more...]