The State of the World Atlas, 1981

“The State of the World Atlas”, Michael Kidron and Ronald Segal. A Pluto Press Project. Heinemann, London, 1981.

Hardcover, 250 x 180mm, full colour, 66 maps.

Frontispiece description:

“The State of the World Atlas is revolutionary both in content and form, using creative cartography and innovatory graphics to portray the many forces that will shape world history in the eighties.

The State of the World Atlas examines the consequences of the proliferation of states and the growing dangers of competition between them. It shows how unevenly the world’s resources are distributed and exposes systematically the widening gap between rich and poor nations. It identifies the areas of tension and pinpoints the sources of crisis.

The State of the World Atlas provides a startling perspective on the cost of pursuing state interests, not least in the destruction of the environment and the erosion of human rights. It illustrates some of the challenges to the prevailing world system, hopefully emphasising in its closing pages the more positive of human values.”

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